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Podcast Learning Center

What Should I Wear For The Interviews?

How Can I Optimize My Podcast's SEO And Discoverability?

Where Do You Share The Episodes?

Can We Do A Separate Pre-Interview To Screen The Guests?

What Are The Challenges In Maintaining Consistent Content Quality And Frequency?

What Is The Best Way To Drive Listener Engagement And Encourage Reviews And Ratings?

How Do You Decide Who To Approach To Book On My Show?

How Do You Integrate With Our Current Marketing/Pr Team?

What Are Some Best Practices For Interview Questions?

What Makes Graystoke Different?

What Are Mediums And Shorts

How Do I Turn Guests Into Clients?

How Much Time Will I Need To Commit To Hosting The Podcast And What Can I Expect During The Interview Process?

How Do You Get The Guests To Promote The Show To Their Audience?

Do You Provide Show Notes?

What Platforms Will My Podcast Be Distributed On, And How Do You Ensure Maximum Exposure?

How Long Should My Intro Be?

Why Is Everybody So Intense About Staying Consistent With Having An Episode For Every Week?

What Would I Talk About? What Are The Topics? Any Specifics?

Can I Have Creative Control Over The Podcast Content And Direction?

How Can I Use My Podcast To Showcase My Company's Achievements And Improve Corporate Culture?

How Do You Measure The Success And Impact Of My Podcast?

What Makes A Good Guest For My Show?

Do You Provide Training On How To Conduct The Interview?

What Do We Do If My Schedule Is Too Busy To Interview Anyone For A Couple Of Weeks?

How Difficult Is It To Gain An Audience For A New Podcast? How Do I Get Listeners?

What Level Of Technical Support Do You Provide?

Do You Really Think I Should Be On All Those Different Social Media Platforms? I Think My Clients Are Only On LinkedIn Or Twitter.

How Long Should My Show Episodes Be?

How Do You Get The Guests To Promote The Show To Their Audience?

How Can I Leverage My Podcast To Network With Industry Experts And Potential Clients?

How Do You Deal With Criticism Of Your Show Or Guests?

What Are The Key Elements Of A Successful Podcast Episode?

How Can Podcasters Deal With Competition? With The Rising Popularity Of Podcasts, New Podcasters Might Find It Challenging To Stand Out.

What Is The Timeline From Recording To Release?

Should I Aim To Have A Specific Niche For My Podcast?

How Can A Podcast Help Me Establish Myself As An Industry Thought Leader?

Do You Guarantee That My Content Will Work?

Are There Opportunities To Collaborate With Other Thought Leaders Or Cross-Promote With Similar Podcasts?

How Much Can You Clean Up In Post Production?

How Do You Define Success For A Show?

How Do I Get Industry Publications Aware Of What I Am Doing

What Experience Do You Have Making Podcasts, Videos, Content Production?

How Many People From Your Team Will Be Involved In The Production Of My Show?

How Long Will It Be Until You Know Your Efforts Are Having A Meaningful Impact?

What Are The Common Technical Problems And How Do You Manage Them? (Internet Issues, Background Noise, Etc)

How Long Does It Take To Get It Up And Running?

How Often Should Episodes Be Released For Optimal Engagement And Growth?

How Long Is The Contract?

Why Did Your Other Clients Want Their Own Podcasts In The First Place?

What Is The Cancellation Or Modification Process If I Decide To Stop Or Change My Podcast's Direction?

How Do You Handle Post-Production Including Editing, Mixing, And Mastering?

What Do You Do If You Feel An Episode Could Hurt Your Brand?

What Support And Resources Will Be Provided To Help Me Prepare For Each Episode?

What Is The Overall Goal And Purpose Of A Thought Leader Podcast For CEOs?

What Evidence Do You Have That Podcasts Like This Will Actually Work?

How Do You Create Engaging Clips And Social Media Assets For Promoting My Podcast?

What Should Be In My Intro?

How Can I Make My Videos More Engaging?

How Will My Podcast Be Branded, And How Can It Align With My Personal And Corporate Brand Identity?

What Steps Do You Take To Ensure High-Quality Audio And Production Values?

What Is The Approval Process For An Episode?

I Am Not Very Technical, Are There A Lot Of Technical Things I Have To Do?

How Much Does It Cost?

How Do I Prepare For An Interview?

Can I Expect Any Assistance With Audience Growth And Listener Retention Strategies?

What Is The Target Audience For My Podcast, And How Can I Tailor My Content To Resonate With Them?

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