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How Difficult Is It To Gain An Audience For A New Podcast? How Do I Get Listeners?

Discover key strategies to build and retain a substantial audience for your new podcast. Learn the importance of quality content, high-profile guests, and leveraging platforms like YouTube.

Building a substantial audience for a new podcast isn't a matter of luck but a strategic endeavor. It's key to remember that just like with great movies and books, there are countless podcasts out there but not all of them are compelling or high-quality. The noteworthy fact is that 50% of podcasts don't get past their fourth episode and 80% don't reach beyond 18 episodes. By staying persistent and releasing consistent, quality content, you're already putting yourself among the top 20% of podcasts.

But how do you attract and retain listeners? One effective strategy is targeting a specific niche or topic that isn't adequately addressed by current podcasts. Moreover, featuring high-profile guests on your show can be incredibly beneficial. Post-interview, our team reaches out to these guests and encourages them to share their episode on their social media platforms. While these guests may not always have millions of followers, their network often consists of other influential individuals who could be your ideal listeners.

Furthermore, while aiming for a large audience isn't a bad goal, it's important to remember the value of a high-quality audience. A smaller group of decision-makers and industry leaders in your field could prove far more beneficial to your business than a large group of less relevant listeners.

Another significant growth strategy lies in leveraging YouTube which has recently become the world's number one podcast platform. Unlike Apple and Spotify, which act more like landlords, YouTube is more of a business partner. It stands to gain more if your show succeeds, making it more incentivized to help your podcast reach new audiences.

In conclusion, building an audience for a new podcast takes time and strategic planning. By featuring high-profile guests and utilizing platforms like YouTube effectively, you're not just hoping for growth - you're engineering it. Remember, it's not just about the size of the audience but also its quality. With consistent, high-quality content and strategic guest appearances, your podcast can rise above the crowd.

Strategic Planning and Quality Content: The Key to Building a Successful Podcast Audience

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