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Can We Do A Separate Pre-Interview To Screen The Guests?

Improve your interviews with our pre-interview service. Ideal for securing high-profile guests and experts for quality content. Let's elevate your show!

Yes, we offer the option to conduct a pre-interview with potential guests. While it can be challenging to convince high-profile guests to participate, conducting a pre-interview can lead to better interviews. For example, if the host is interviewing a celebrity, it may be difficult to get them to agree to a pre-interview. However, if the host is interviewing an expert in a certain field, the expert may be more willing to participate in a pre-interview. We understand the importance of ensuring a good interview and are happy to discuss the possibility of conducting a pre-interview to screen guests before the actual recording.

Pre-Interviews: An Effective Strategy for Better Quality Interviews with High-Profile Guests

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