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Background on Graystoke Networks

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Our Success Story: A Podcast Producer's Impact

At Graystoke Networks, we used the power of business podcasting to propel our founder's various ventures, gaining enterprise clients for ourselves, including Google and Intel, as well as a $16 billion bank and $11 billion public industrial company for his management consulting firm. Through our podcast management services, we attracted millionaires as investors for the private investment fund and secured significant financial support for his charity combating child trafficking.

Graystoke's Podcast Management Services: Your Gateway to Success

Starting at $8,300 a month, we guarantee introductions to hard-to-reach decision makers. With our unique podcast management services, we're dedicated to your success - we'll work for you for free until you meet your targets.

Our Proven Podcast Producer Strategy

How do we do it?

First: We build you a video podcast. This platform will elevate you and your organization's credibility, reputation, and visibility. You'll interview high-profile industry personalities on your weekly podcast, providing engaging content we'll help cut into multiple clips for broad social media distribution.

Second: A few weeks in, we begin inviting your ideal prospects to feature as guests on your show. This gives you an opportunity to build sincere friendships and connections. High-profile guests you've already hosted lend your podcast credibility, making your prospect more likely to accept your invitation.

The Graystoke Guarantee: Podcast ROI

You and your company will quickly become one of the most talked-about entities in your industry. Our podcast producer team helps you generate referrals and support your sales enablement efforts. And if you land even one or two of the prospects you meet on your show, you'll easily make 10 or 20 times what you spend on your annual contracts with us.

We're here to help your business reach its potential and beyond. With Graystoke's podcast management services, you're on your way to making millions more, provided you have a great product or service offer.


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