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Advertising Agency with In-House Brand Case Study

The Client

This boutique agency specializes in custom video marketing campaigns. Their unwavering focus lies in providing each client with undivided attention and commitment.

Their dedication is tangible, demonstrated by an impressive track record that includes over 1 billion video views that have already generated over $250 million in revenue for their clients. They specialize in taking brands from creation to category king within a few short years.

They also developed an in-house D2C product that, using their internal agency, has grown to over $100 million in valuation.

The Objective

To effectively address the challenge presented by the client, we collaborated closely to define the highest impact guest personas.

Originally, they wanted a very wide variety of guests, but as we fully developed the strategy, it was apparent that the approach needed to be narrowed down to only the influential D2C CEOs, startup investors, and other direct sales professionals.

By thoroughly researching and understanding the target audience, we crafted a strategic plan to invite influential CEOs, startup investors, and other prominent figures in direct sales to be guests on their podcasts.

This approach aimed to leverage the expertise and reputation of these guests to elevate the client's visibility, establish them as thought leaders, and facilitate valuable connections within the industry.


Their podcast introduced the client to:

  • Fitness Industry CEO: A titan in the fitness industry, at the helm of a company orchestrating awe-inspiring fitness events that generate a staggering $160 million annually. Their journey from inception to global prominence became a masterclass in building a brand synonymous with endurance and achievement.

  • Fintech Co-Founder: A visionary architect who orchestrated the growth of a fintech company, leading it to a monumental sale for a breathtaking $2.5 billion. Their narrative painted a vivid picture of innovation, adaptability, and strategic acumen in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

  • Venture Capital Managing Director: An expert overseeing an independent investment management firm with assets exceeding $1.8 billion. Their insights into navigating the volatile landscape of venture capital and investment strategies illuminated the podcast with invaluable financial wisdom.

  • Top-Tier Advertising Agency CEO: An embodiment of creative prowess, at the helm of an advertising agency responsible for crafting iconic SuperBowl commercials. Their stories of conceptualization, execution, and resonating messaging showcased the power of storytelling in the world of advertising.

Beyond these, other guests include CEOs who catapulted fast food chains from millions to billions, co-founders who steered data tech ventures to multi-billion-dollar valuations, and leaders who cultivated hyper-growth property tech companies.


This project encapsulates a successful collaborative endeavor where the implementation of astute planning and strategic execution resulted in the achievement of our client's goals.

Faced with the challenge of elevating their brand visibility, establishing authority, and enhancing connections in the highly competitive D2C space, we partnered with our client to define impactful guest personas and subsequently secure influential industry figures for their podcasts.

The well-rounded approach ensured not only a rich variety of perspectives but also enhanced the client's credibility and reach.

The carefully crafted podcast series led to an increase in the client's brand recognition and their establishment as a thought leader and reinforced the importance of well-planned strategy and collaboration in leveraging podcasting as an excellent tool for branding, networking and industry leadership.

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