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Post-Secondary Education Podcast Case Study

The Client

In the pursuit of bridging academia and industry, our client, a reputable online post-secondary institution, sought to elevate their visibility among large corporations, specifically with human resources executives.

Their goal was to foster a dialogue about the evolving landscape of work, talent cultivation, and career advancement. Also, to increase their connections with potential clients for their education platform.

Together, we created a podcast for thought leaders, innovators, and researchers to share their insights on the future of work and the role of education in shaping it.

The Objective

A key part of the strategy was to identify and engage with large companies known for their innovative and cutting-edge strategies in continuing education for their employees. This approach ensured that the podcast would not only host thought leaders, innovators, and researchers, but would also feature the very organizations that are at the forefront of integrating education into the workplace.

Capitalizing on the wealth of knowledge and experience their podcast guests brought to the platform, the client decided to develop a strategy to increase their influence beyond the podcast with webinars and events.

This approach serves to enrich their content offerings, as these industry experts could delve deeper into specific topics, respond to real-time queries, and facilitate dynamic discussions.

By doing so, the podcast became a platform for sharing practical insights, successful strategies, and future trends in corporate education. This strategic alignment of guests made the podcast a source of knowledge for those interested in the changing dynamics of work, skill development, and career progression.


Guest Introductions:

  • The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of a Global Leader in A.I.-Led Quality Engineering

  • The Managing Director and Chief Learning Officer (CLO) of a Pioneering Technological Academy

  • The Chief People Officer (CPO) of a Leading Media Investment Company


The podcast opened doors to introductions with executives in organizations boasting over 10,000 employees, significantly expanding the client's network within the industry. It also created follow-on opportunities for guests to engage with the institution's community, fostering a symbiotic relationship that enriched both the guests' outreach and the learning experience of the community members.

Moreover, the podcast successfully amplified the institution's visibility within their industry. It enhanced their thought leadership and innovation in the intersection of academia and the corporate world. This journey underscores the power of a well-executed podcast strategy in fostering connections, enhancing visibility, and driving impactful dialogue in the evolving landscape of work and education.

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